The Truth About Divorce

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There are roughly 2,300,000 people living in Texas today who are divorced. When the population of Texas is around 29 million, that’s a fairly large percentage of people in the state who have experience with divorce. All of those people did not have easy, “you sign here, I’ll sign here” divorces, either. A large number of those divorces were likely tense, upsetting, and lengthy, and most of them required outside involvement, either from a lawyer or a mediator or both.

Divorce lawyers work either exclusively or primarily with divorce cases. A lot of the time, divorce lawyers are also general “family law” lawyers who also take adoption, custody, and alimony cases. In Texas, there are over 90,000 active lawyers, many of whom practice family law. It only makes sense that we would have so many lawyers when our population is the second-highest in the country (and higher than many other countries’). I mean, really, when you think about it, Texas is huge. Our population is only a few million less than Canada’s, and about six times bigger than Ireland’s. The point being, we need a lot of lawyers.

We may outshine others in terms of population, but Texas isn’t special when it comes to divorce statistics. In fact, we’re pretty much aligned with the national average, which means that a little less than half of the people who get married in Texas will also get divorced. That depressing statistic is often overlooked by people who are getting engaged. After all, everyone thinks they’re the exception to the rule. However, divorce lawyers can tell you that divorce is something that could happen to anyone. Failing to effectively communicate with each other, losing interest after the honeymoon period, and infidelity are all problems that can ruin a marriage. 

In particularly nasty divorce cases, it is often necessary for each spouse to hire a lawyer to represent their needs in court. As Karen Alexander Law states on their website, despite the circumstances of the case, everyone needs an “aggressive advocate who will fight for (their) rights and (their) future.” The truth is that divorce is tough. Even the most civil of divorces are hard to get through, and a lot of people feel frustrated, confused, and alone during their divorces. While a divorce lawyer isn’t exactly a shoulder to cry on, they are someone trying to help. A divorce lawyer will end up understanding their client’s divorce, and who they are as a person, better than many people ever will. 

While it is sad that so many marriages will be bookended by a wedding and a divorce, it’s good for people who are going through a divorce to know that they’re not alone – not by a long shot.

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