Independent Car Insurance Agencies: Helping Drivers Obtain the Coverage They Need at a Price that Fits Their Budget

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Regardless of a person’s driving history, if he or she wishes to continue driving on U.S. roads and highways, then one of the basic things that he or she should have is car liability insurance coverage.

Carrying car liability insurance coverage is one of the ways drivers can show proof of financial responsibility, another way is by complying with any of the means that has been approved by the state. Thus, in the state of New Hampshire, the only state where carrying auto liability insurance is not mandated, drivers can either carry an SR-22 filing or depositing securities or money with the state treasurer.

Financial responsibility is the law which requires drivers in the U.S. to demonstrate financial capability to pay for damages resulting from accidents wherein they are at fault. In states where demonstrating financial capability is made by being covered, drivers will need to carry the type of liability coverage recognized in their state.

Currently, 38 states recognize the “tort” or “fault” system, while the remaining 12 other states (these are Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Utah) recognize the “no-fault” system.

Under the “tort” or “fault” system, the at fault driver’s insurance provider is responsible in compensating the accident victims. If the compensation does not fully cover the damages and losses suffered by the victim, then he or she can file a civil lawsuit against the at-fault driver. Compensation should cover cost of medical treatment, wages lost, and pain and suffering.

In the “no-fault” system, the drivers involved in accidents are paid by their own auto insurance providers regardless of who is at fault in the accident. Under this system, drivers are compensated much faster since a court hearing for the purpose of determining who is at fault in the accident is no longer necessary.

Despite the requirement on carrying liability insurance, studies show that more that 25 million drivers in the U.S. remain uninsured – for the simple reason that insurance policies are made too expensive, requiring drivers to pay much more than what they really should.

This is where the services of independent car insurance agencies become necessary. Because these companies do not have any affiliation with any insurance providers, these have the freedom to focus entirely on protecting the interests of drivers and car owners with their insurance needs.

According to the website of Second Gear Magazine, there are independent car insurance agencies that require only two minutes to get a customer covered. They also provides customers with:

  • As many as a dozen free online insurance quotes to help them find the best coverage for their given circumstance and at a price that fits their budget;
  • Multiple payment options;
  • A monthly payment that is as low as $35;
  • Bilingual customer service representatives who are available to answer their questions and help meet their needs whenever they call; and,
  • 24/7 roadside assistance.

Affordable, quick, easy and the most comfortable way of getting the best insurance policy. These are just some of the benefits one is assured of if he or she seeks assistance from an independent car insurance agency for all his or her insurance needs.

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