What Made Xarelto so Popular

People with medical conditions that made them susceptible to the abnormal or excessive formation of blood clots are typically prescribed with a blood thinner or anticoagulant. This is because these blood clots could travel up the blood stream and cause a stroke or some type of embolism, which can have devastating and permanent, if not immediately fatal, effects on a patient.

Back in 1950, researchers discovered that warfarin which was initially introduced into the market as a primary component in rat poison was also effective as an anticoagulant in humans. However, because warfarin had adverse interactions with certain food that contained vitamin K, its effect on the body had to be constantly monitored and the dose adjusted. This made it a chore to use although it was quite effective.

The newer anticoagulants like Xarelto (direct factor Xa (10-a) inhibitors or xabans) were much easier to use. They were taken once a day and there was no need for constant monitoring. However, they were so efficient that they thinned the blood too much and the patients began to bleed uncontrollably. Unfortunately, unlike warfarin which effects can be neutralized with a dose of Vitamin K, xabans like Xarelto had no known reversal agent, something that can be potentially disastrous.

In fact, quite a few patients have already died from serious Xarelto side effects, some have become permanently injured, all contributing to ongoing Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigations into the properties and risks associated with Xarelto. Studies indicate that among all the xabans, Xarelto (rivaroxaban) is the most difficult to reverse in cases of severe bleeding. This is the basis for the first Xarelto lawsuit which was filed in Pennsylvania state court against Janssen Ortho LLC (a division of Johnson & Johnson) which handled the distribution of the drug in the US under license from Bayer Corp., which is to be named next in the lawsuit. More are expected to be filed as attention on the dangers of using the drug increase.

If you have sustained serious injury or an immediate family member died from the effects of Xarelto, you may have a personal injury or wrongful death case against Janssen and Bayer, among others. Consult with a dangerous drug lawyer to know more about this.

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Why Hire a Record Retrieval Service?

Retrieving your records, whether they are for medical reasons, a personal injury lawsuit, or any other claim, can greatly affect the success of your case. As Stratos Legal states, effective and fast records retrieval can keep the case progress more to your favor. These records can become pieces of evidence that can determine conclusively how things will end up. Records retrieval can be very time consuming, making you feel frustrated and at your wits end, which is why Stratos Legal advises that it would be better to acquire the help of a retrieval service to do all the record gathering for you.

One of the advantages of hiring a retrieval service is that the records that you will have will be in better quality. This means you have the more detailed and accurate records that will contain important and necessary information you have asked for. Not only do retrieval specialists understand the need to dig deeper for information because they can be the most relevant records that are needed. Additionally, will have your records in faster. Having a specialized team of records retrievers will guarantee that your records are provided at the most crucial time, without being stopped or stalled by red tapes that can prevent the progress of the case.

Hiring records retrieval specialists will save you time and money. You won’t have to worry about spending your working hours with a paralegal to acquire the necessary records and documents. Moreover, you will not be spending too much money because you’ll be paying the records retrievers a set fee for the whole records, and often these offers are client-friendly.

Lastly, you will have the option of where to send the records. You also have the option of how these records will be given to you, whether it is bound and labeled, on a CD or flash drive, or even electronically. You have a lot of options in the format and address of your records. Because of the importance of records retrieval to your case, it helps to know who you should hire in order to get the best records retrieval services.

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